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Maid of Honour Digital Planner

Maid of Honour Digital Planner


Whether you are getting married and need your bestie on point, or you are going to be your besties Maid of Honour - this planner has you covered.


The new title of 'Maid of Honour' has a nice ring to it so you absolutely want to make sure you give it your all. 


If you are already all over this wedding planning business, & need your bestie by your side or your very own Bride is already in full planning mode - then this is THE perfect companion.


The Maid of Honour planner has absolutely everything a MoH needs to help a brides preparation for her big day (and the run up) go like clockwork. We have you covered hun!


The digital planner is created in A5 size so should you get it printed, it fits perfectly in a fave handbag. 


The main sections of the planner include:

- Essential info

- Duties

- Hen do

- The big day

- Planning & notes


Each section is broken down into between 4-8 smaller sections so you don't miss a single detail.


The perfect proposal gift to your bestie or an easy way to get brownie points from the bride to be!


The planner is a digital file so can be loaded into apps such a 'Notability' or sent to get printed for a physical planner. (We recommend Doxzoo for one off prints).


PLEASE NOTE - No physical product will be shipped. Colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors. This purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and not for commercial use or resale.

  • This is not for commercial purposes, it is for personal use only. Not for resale.

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